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Current activities

    Genetic testing is increasingly becoming important in cardiological care. It provides valuable insights into individual genetic predispositions for heart diseases such as cardiomyopathies or arrhythmias. By identifying specific genetic markers, we can develop tailored prevention measures and treatment plans in our practice. This enables personalized care aimed at minimizing the risk of serious cardiac complications and significantly improving the quality of life of our patients. In the era of personalized medicine, such genetic testing is essential to ensure proactive and patient-centered medical care.

    In our cardiology practice, we offer specially tailored infusion therapies with vitamins and hormones. These treatments are designed to strengthen your cardiovascular system and promote your overall health. Our individually tailored infusions deliver essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, allowing for optimal absorption and immediate effect. Whether it’s for improving heart function, boosting energy, or general health maintenance, our vitamin and hormone infusions are an excellent way to support your well-being and keep your heart healthy. Discover how these targeted therapies can positively impact your life.

    Sabin Care Award as part of the German Medical Awards/Medical Düsseldorf/November 15, 2023

    Board of Trustees of the Hans and Gertie Fischer Foundation for the award of the Hans and Gertie Fischer Foundation Sponsorship Prize Prof. Georg V. Sabin 193rd Meeting of the Rhineland-Westphalian Society for Internal Medicine (RWGIM) on November 17, 2023, in Gelsenkirchen

    Certificate “Cardiovascular Prevention Assistant Anna Baatz” by DGK, June 2023

    Consultations at the German Heart Foundation Prof. Dr. med. Georg Sabin