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Dear patient,

Your heart supplies your body with oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. It is therefore all the more important that its health is continuously monitored and any problems are detected early.

Our work focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of clinical pictures relating to the heart and vascular system.

My team and I cover the entire spectrum of cardiological care and are at your service for resting and stress ECGs, echocardiography, color Doppler examinations of blood vessels (neck and legs), spirometry, spiroergometry, as well as cardiac catheterizations and treatments.

Spectrum of services and treated symptoms

Ultrasound / Sonography

Angiology / vascular medicine

Echocardiography / cardiac echo

Exercise ECG / ergometry

Heart failure / cardiac insufficiency

Pacemaker monitoring

Women’s medicine

Nutritional counseling

Preventive medicine

I am also available to provide you with detailed advice and support after treatments such as stenting and pacemakers. Click here to make an appointment.